In 2011, I started to think about the possibility to work on a dissertation. Later that year, I became very enthusiastic about the idea to investigate corporate culture using photo-ethnography as most important research method.

‘Can we see who we are?’ is the title of my dissertation proposal. Cultural elements are often written management ideas about values and standards given significance for the workers. The way they act determine how others will think about the organisation.
So it is visible how the organisation operates to others like customers and the surrounding social environment. But do workers really act like what is written (culture espouse) or is the corporate culture a result of cultural elements that are in use by the individual workers? I am interested in what workers will tell about their position in relation to the culture espoused and culture in use.

This website was primarily designed for my research. Now the fieldwork is done and the draft version of my book is ready the website is changed because of participant protection. Nevertheless, I attempted to provide some specific information to stir up interest in my research. Please, contact me if you want to share your remarks or to ask questions.