Interpretative perspective

I have placed myself in an interpretative perspective on organisations. That choice may, as I see it, not tie me to a narrow way of thinking. During my inquiry I have to deal with multiple interpretations of my participants. I cannot and I will not bring them to one box, but will hold on to the subjective meaning of social action instead. Social actors continuous have influence on social phenomena and their meanings and therefore have an important contribution to the change of social phenomena. But I realise that I’m being one of the social actors, and that I always will bring my own version of social reality. I this way I also involve a postmodernist perspective on social actors within organisations. My participants play an important role in the inquiry; they will have influence on the course and analysis of the fieldwork. Inquirer and participants together will construct their view on the corporate culture they lived. That construction of social reality is based on a photo-ethnographic method carry out by the workers on the floor, resulting in a photo story build up together in corporation with the inquirer. As inquirer I will write a story based on the collected photographs presenting the corporate culture. The participants are involved and can influence my work. In this way a social reality is build up in togetherness, becomes our reality and is an intensive attempt to get as close to reality as possible (abductive approach).

Summarise briefly I can say that my philosophical view will stay as closely as possible to the nature of the phenomena under study and is based on an interpretativist epistemology and a constructionist ontology.